Wake up! Strengthen what remains and is about to die. (Rev. 3:2)

Some of us have experienced physical therapy, the process of intentionally building strength in something that was physically weak, or we know someone who has walked this path. Physical therapy is intense, painful, and sets you up for the most success possible as your body rebuilds strength. No matter what injury has been sustained, doctors and physical therapists encourage jumping right into rebuilding and strengthening. Why? Because what is weak and left alone will eventually die. You use it or lose it.

The church in Sardis was often seen as being alive and thriving, but was actually weak and dying. As a weak body needs a physical therapist, so Sardis needed a spiritual therapist. John wrote to the church, pointing out they were weak and that they needed to strengthen what remained in order to “wake up!” We all need spiritual physical therapy. On the outside, everything may seem perfectly healthy, but underneath we might have layers of decaying doubts. Where is the tear or insecurity that sets you back? What in your spiritual life needs strengthening?

The best results with physical therapy come from an intentional and consistent commitment to strengthening every day, regardless of how you feel, what is on your calendar, or who is standing next to you. Commit to daily spiritual therapy. Walk with the Lord every day, and you will continue to become spiritually strong.

Wake up every day and strengthen what is weak.

Maggie Slusher is a young Wesleyan pastor who is passionate about transformational spiritual formation—at every age and season in life. She takes any chance to get outdoors.

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 Scriptures taken from the Holy Bible, New International Version®, NIV®.