World Hope International (WHI), a relief and development organization affiliated with The Wesleyan Church, is preparing for response to the global outbreak of the coronavirus.

In addition to addressing easily preventable illnesses, WHI tackles the prevention and control of major disease outbreaks — whether that comes in the form of responding to disasters in order to prevent the outbreak of cholera; being first responders to the Ebola outbreak in 2014, or working within communities using social behavior change communication strategies to manage and mitigate disease outbreaks in the aftermath.

Responding to disease outbreaks can not only include initial action but addressing the often devastating economic and psychological impact in the aftermath for years to come.

Devastating diseases can break out across the world any time, as evidenced by the Ebola crisis, and as coronavirus (COVID-19) shows us, they can rapidly spread across the globe and slip unobserved across barriers and borders.

WHI was on the ground actively responding throughout the duration of the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone. And WHI is prepared to respond again to the novel COVID-19 should it break out — whether that looks like training healthcare workers, increasing the capacity of local health systems, setting up isolation units to help with burials, delivering food, providing shunned survivor care or more.

Read more on WHI’s response here. Click here for more resources. 

Posted with permission.