Relief organization responds to 2017 crises and new opportunities to alleviate global poverty and injustices

It has been a challenging and active year for World Hope International (WHI).

In August and September, Texas, Florida, the Caribbean and Puerto Rico were devastated by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. Over the course of three storms and throughout multiple locations—Texas, Florida, Turks & Caicos, Dominica, Tortola, St. Thomas, St. Croix, Cuba and Puerto Rico—World Hope and The Wesleyan Church responded:

  • 5,800 heavy-duty tarps for temporary shelter
  • 3,000 water filters
  • 95 generators
  • 130 solar chargers
  • 10 semi-truckloads of donated goods
  • shipments of thousands of pounds of water purification equipment and hygiene kits
  • millions of dollars’ worth of medicines for hospitals
  • 300+ volunteers

In August, the western area of Sierra Leone, Africa, fell victim to deadly mudslides and flooding, claiming the lives of nearly 1,000 people. World Hope coordinated on-the-ground response efforts alongside other international aid organizations on water treatment, water storage solutions, hygiene promotion, food provision, medical distribution and psychosocial services and counseling to victims.

Through the eyes and ears of our partners and representatives on the ground, WHI could respond swiftly to the critical and sudden needs of these 2017 disasters.

In partnership with many, WHI hosted creative fundraising events like marathons and walks for clean water, performances, benefit dinners and more to fundraise for ongoing disaster relief.

World Hope celebrated numerous milestones this year. In the Philippines, a new program was launched to fight online sexual exploitation of children alongside the Salvation Army. In Sierra Leone, new support from the European Union and GOAL has helped fight child labor and human trafficking. In Liberia, WHI assisted in launching the first governmental anti-trafficking hotline. In Cambodia, a new social venture brought piped, clean water to rural areas. On a global level, WHI successfully raised over $30,000 for child sponsorship and continues to raise money to provide clean water and sanitation access for nearly 120,000 people.

In partnership with the national Wesleyan Church, WHI showed the Jesus film and saw thousands respond to the gospel, with new church plants in Muslim communities among unreached people groups in Sierra Leone and Liberia.

Most recently, WHI thanked God for its continued 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, which means the organization continues to take steps toward strong financial health and accountability. WHI also excitedly announced a new operational partnership with World Hope Canada, which will help streamline resources to better serve the world’s poorest communities—together.

As the Church, our role is to be the hands and feet of Jesus throughout the world where the need is greatest. That’s why in 2017, World Hope continued to build and equip its team, welcoming new technical experts to lead with wisdom in areas of health and nutrition, gender-based violence, anti-trafficking and community development and agriculture.

As WHI enters 2018, the commitment to reducing suffering and bringing hope in Jesus’ name remains strong.

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