Talented and experienced worship leaders shared from their areas of passion by facilitating small group discussion at the Worship Arts Roundtable seminar Sunday at General Conference.

The Worship Arts Collective consists of worship leaders who collaborate with one another, including artists, songwriters, storytellers, and innovators unified in worshipping and honoring God, in community, for the sake of the gospel, all from a Wesleyan perspective.

Every movement needs a melody,” said Kory Pence, creative director for The Wesleyan Church. “Each voice in this movement matters.

Hosted by Emily Vermilya, pastor of formation at College Wesleyan Church in Marion, Ind., attendees of the seminar engaged in 12-minute group discussions and rotated from table leader to table leader. Topics addressed included:

  • Scott Rhyno: working with the church’s sound director
  • Amanda Cox: worship style conversations
  • Elizabeth Rhyno: postures in worship and use of physical self in worship
  • Jenn Petersen: song writing in worship
  • Branden Petersen: vision and strategy for worship teams
  • Mark Wilson: creative planning for the worship team
  • Betty Weatherby: Scripture and worship
  • Michael Walters: relations with the pastor
  • Kristen Pence: youth in worship
  • Brannon Hancock: worship educator
  • Armenio Suzano: multi-cultural worship (pictured)

Participants remarked on the quality of the discussions, the strong attendance, and expressed eagerness for more such events with the Worship Arts Collective.