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He will cover you with his feathers . . . his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart. (Ps. 91:4)

Whenever bad weather is in our area, our family is immediately reminded of summer 2016. A damaging storm came through and ripped off part of our roof, which required significant repair. For a while after the roof damage, we were susceptible to all sort of elements—from the rains, the cold, and the bugs.

Like a roof over a home creates a sense of protection and peace from all meteorological conditions, God has promised to cover you and I with his feathers. Like the disciples on the sea caught up in a storm, Jesus through his Word acted as a shield for the disciples against the storm. He safeguarded them and commanded the storm to cease. God’s protection even extends far beyond the physical realm. When Elisha prayed to God for the servant’s eyes to be opened, God revealed hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around them. They were not alone.

God has not promised that we will have it easy and nice always. However, he has guaranteed to be our shield and rampart in difficult times. When the troubles of life pour in on us, he will surely be there to cover us because of his delightful promises. You are never alone as one whose trust is in the Lord. God has you covered always!

Meditate on a time when you experienced God’s covering.

Jim Machuku is an ordained minister, resident pastor at Mc3, and an educator. He is passionate about leadership development in Africa.

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