A Wesleyan pastor has lost his courageous three-year battle with cancer.

Daniel “Danny” Eiler, age 30, passed away on August 25, 2014, after battling leukemia. Her served as senior pastor of The Springs Community Church in Ringgold, Ga., a role he’d had since 2010. Years prior, her served as an assistant pastor and then co-pastor.

Pastor Eiler was the husband to Cassie and the father to Cade, age 6, and Haddon, 8 months. Other survivors include his parents and a brother and his family.

Cassie posted some personal reflections on her Facebook page, honoring her late husband.

My 30-year-old husband was an amazing father, spiritual leader of our home, spiritual leader of our church, stubborn cancer patient, music nerd, silly, outgoing, fun-living, crowd pleasing, charming, and precious man of God.

Danny was not a victim of his disease . . . he was honored that God chose him to be the vessel for this testimony. Danny poured his heart, soul, and livelihood into doing his best to follow his calling and spread the gospel. He wanted nothing more than to be a husband who was the spiritual foundation for our family. He made sure to remind me of the woman of God that I was designed to be. He wanted to be the father that raised his children to love, worship, and serve God with their whole hearts and grow into faithful and fervent men of God.

“Pastor Danny Eiler was a church planter on the South Coastal District,” said Dr. Dan Berry, district superintendent. “Danny was known as an excellent teacher of the Word, a team builder, and a family man. Three years ago he contracted leukemia. During his long battle he had many twists and turns but he was always full of faith in God’s sovereign purpose for his illness. At the end of life, when death was looming, he boldly proclaimed, “I am not afraid!” He lived life like he died—fearless and victorious in Christ!”

To learn more, including how you can help the family, visit the South Coastal District website or call 770.922.7514.

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