Choose life, so that you and your children may live. (Deut. 30:19)

EVERY DAY WE’RE CONFRONTED with decisions. Occasionally it’s clear the choice we make will impact our life for many years. More often, daily choices seem like minor details in a much larger picture. Sometimes we don’t even experience them as choices at all; we live our days out of habit—whether those habits are productive or destructive. But the truth is that every decision we make, big or little, is life-changing.

The people of Israel were preparing to finally enter the Promised Land at the same time Moses’ life was drawing to an end. In his final address to God’s covenant people, Moses highlighted the significance of the daily choices they would make. Some choices reflect love for God and neighbor. Other decisions demonstrate disregard for God and neighbor.

Moses told the people of Israel that the overall pattern of their daily decisions would actually put them on one of two pathways. One pathway leads to prosperity and life. The other pathway leads to destruction and death. In other words, each choice they made would in some way turn their heart toward Yahweh or away from Him.

While Christians may rightly remember a big decision they made to follow Jesus the Lord, we must also remember that we make choices every day that either affirm or deny His ownership of our lives.

Reflect on how your choices today may reflect love for God and your neighbor.

Kevin Scott is a member of the pastoral staff at Stephen Ministries, where he serves as a writer, teacher, and leader and is the author of ReCreatable.