The Lord helps them and delivers them; he delivers them from the wicked and saves them, because they take refuge in him. (Ps. 37:40)

“Name four godly men in your life and tell me why you think they are godly,” a grandfather and his grandson. Michael thought for a moment, considering his grandpa’s question. “OK,” he said. “There’s Chaplain Dave, Bronco Ben, Pastor Ben, and, of course, you.”

Thinking about his answer, Grandpa asked, “What makes those men different?”

“Well, Chaplain Dave saw bad things in Afghanistan and God kept him safe. Bronco Ben talks to me like a friend. Pastor Ben loves me like I am. And you, Grandpa, make me feel safe.”

Grandma sat in the backseat and pondered. “If my grandson continues to think about God like he does and take refuge in His arms, someone will one day say of him, ‘I believe Michael is a godly man. Even though his life is surrounded by trouble, he knows God will deliver him.’”

Two weeks later, we watched as little Mikie went to the altar to pray with another nine-year-old boy. “Lord,” Grandma prayed, “keep this little boy safe in Your arms.”

As the psalm states—the Lord delivers us from the evil one if we take refuge in Him.

Thank one of your godly role models this week.

Shirley A. Reynolds lives in a rural community, teaches elementary children at her church, and enjoys riding her ATV in the back woods.