I will give you thanks in the great assembly; among throngs of people I will praise you. (Ps. 35:18)

HEATHER LAID IN THE BASSINET, wires and tubes protruding from translucent skin. Born two months early, her chances for survival were uncertain—especially now that she had returned to the pediatric unit unable to breathe on her own. A desperate, unsophisticated prayer tumbled from my mouth. “Please, Lord, let her live.” The next several weeks were tenuous as we went from one doctor’s office to the next, trying different medicines and submitting Heather to one test after another. The most skilled physicians in the area were at a loss. Unexpectedly, a respected researcher contacted us: “I know how to help your baby.”

Soon after, I kissed Heather’s cheek as she drifted to sleep on the operating table. I wondered if I’d see her again. Time felt interminable. Even though the hands on the clock didn’t seem to move, a doctor finally approached. “Heather’s going to be fine.”

I wanted to shout His praises. “Thank You, Lord!” Word spread quickly that our baby had survived. Family, friends, and church groups across the country celebrated with us. And now, years later I still share the story of God’s miracle with those willing to listen.

Like David the psalmist, I want to announce God’s goodness and share the news that He is intimately involved in the lives of His children—through all of the struggles, joys, and uncertainties of life. Can you hear David urging us on?

Consider the ways God has blessed you this week, and thank Him.

Tammy Kennington is a preschool director and literacy intervention specialist. Tammy enjoys playing board games with her husband and four children.