Abraham believed the Lord, and he credited it to him as righteousness. (Gen. 15:6)

DO YOU BELIEVE people will catch you if you fall? A common team-building exercise had one person stand on a ledge five feet high. The rest of the team formed two parallel lines facing each other, holding hands with the person opposite them. The person on the ledge fell backward toward the team. Faith was the key to safety.

If the person trusted his team, he would remain straight as he fell. His weight was distributed evenly among the team members’ arms and he would land safely. However, if doubt crept in, his body would reflexively curl into a ball. The team could not catch the person, at best slowing his fall to the ground. Belief produced the action that provided a safe landing.

Abraham’s faith was in one more trustworthy than a team of peers. Even when his own instincts might have responded differently, Abraham placed his full trust in God and let his actions demonstrate the strength of that trust. While he did not know the timing of God’s working, Abraham lived his life as a testimony to his faith.

God promises eternal life for all who trust in Jesus. He also promises abundant life for all who walk with Him in faith. Using Abraham as our model, let us daily accept God’s promises to work in us and transform us, blessing us as He grows us.

Put your belief in God into action today; accept God’s promises as truth.

Terry Magee lives with his wife in central Pennsylvania, where he teaches in his church. He enjoys both reading and outdoor activities.