Thank God people seem safe; most have been rescued. A route has been opened on the eastern slope, so supplies like food and fuel are getting through. As I speak, military helicopters are still flying overhead pulling a few people out of areas where they’ve been trapped.

We are doing well helping one another out. Pray for those who have lost business, are unable to commute to work, or have been separated from loved ones.

Other than the National Guard, Red Cross, and a few others, Estes Park cannot accept outside help because it would put too much strain on our weakened infrastructure. No one can get in without proper ID or approved to deliver supplies. Any places that might have been used to house volunteers coming to help are being taken up by evacuees.

I am able to make phone calls on my iPad through the Internet while the regular phone system is down or jammed. Consequently, some people are coming to my house to make calls.

Tonight we’re joining with other churches to feed our skeleton police force who haven’t had a home-cooked meal in several days. The police force is under strength, because so many of them commute here from the valley. Many in city hall are working 24/7.

Thank you for your prayers.

Rev. Michael Dascoli is pastor of Summit Wesleyan Church, Estes Park, Colorado.