While I am in the world, I am the light of the world. (John 9:5)

Black darkness enveloped my body like a suffocating blanket. Even though I held my hand just inches from my face, I could see nothing. Earlier, a group of us had gathered to explore some nearby caves. Together we encountered several chambers, admiring the natural artwork of the underground formations. We then discovered a larger room, its high ceiling and broad cavity filled with geologic wonders. Pleasantly distracted, our guide interrupted and prepped us for an experiment. Asking us to turn off all lights except his, we were amazed how his lone light provided almost full illumination to the large chamber. Then, instructing us to remain still, he extinguished his. Tangible darkness rushed in, blinding our sight. At that moment, I was reminded again about light’s awesome power, and more importantly, the influence of Jesus’ light upon the world.

The effect of Jesus being faithfully present not only infuses us with His strength, but also demands honesty in our journeys. Real power lies in light; darkness exists simply as the absence of light. Greater than all my successes or failures, problems or even blessings, the indwelling Jesus always ensures the opportunity to respond with His heart.

In a world where darkness seems to reign, God calls us to bring our lives of light as a force of change. A dark place simply needs the light of life within us.

Look for a dark place around you to bring your light of Christ.

Mark Francis enjoys time with family, coaching, cooking, and writing. He and his wife, Laura, and their four children live in Sandy, Utah.