So Peter was kept in prison, but the church was earnestly praying to God for him. (Acts 12:5)

Bruised and battered of heart, a man burdened with a great spiritual need walked into our church service as the pastor was preaching. During the invitation, he came forward and fell onto his knees at the altar. The men of the church gathered around and prayed with him.

He was well-known and had been through that routine numerous times, but still the men prayed. This time, the man stayed, pounded his fist on the altar, and remained in prayer until he had repented and God forgave his sins. Finally, he stood, faced the crowd, and praised God for his deliverance.

He was eighty years old and had lived a life of alcoholism. He was set free that day. A few months after his conversion, he passed away.

For one little girl who watched, a seed was planted in her mind. To this day, after abundant miracles of her own, she understands that something happens when people pray. Her father used to say, “Don’t ever give up when you can pray! To our minds, people may seem as though they are lost forever. But when God’s people pray, changes happen!”

Amazing! When the church prayed for Peter, the prison bars were opened.

When you feel as if your prayers amount to nothing, press on!

Shirley A. Reynolds lives in a rural community, teaches elementary children at her church, and enjoys riding her ATV in the back woods.