His kingdom will never end. (Luke 1:33)

It’s impossible to overestimate the excitement the angel’s announcement to Mary would have created for any person living in first-century Israel. It’s also likely that any such person would have underestimated the significance of the announcement, not because he or she wasn’t astute enough or was out of tune with God’s Spirit, but because the full scope of God’s plan was still a mystery.

God’s people were certainly expecting something great to happen. They hoped and believed that God’s kingdom would once again be restored to Israel, a kingdom that would never end. From the Old Testament, we know that this expectation was tied to their land. They planned to dwell in their land forever. The angel’s announcement to Mary fell right in line with all of those expectations. The angel promised Mary a son who would be king, sit on David’s throne, and reign forever over Israel (Jacob’s family). There would be no end to His kingdom.

With the benefit of hindsight, we know God had all of this in mind and so much more. Through Jesus, He would bring the hope of salvation and redemption not only to Israel but to all the nations. He would bring Jews and Greeks together into one family and reconcile all things in heaven and earth under His authority.

Through Jesus we can have the hope of redemption and eternal life.

By your words and deeds, proclaim the truth of Christ’s kingdom.

Kevin Scott is a pastor, acquisitions editor, and author of ReCreatable. He lives in Noblesville, Indiana, with his wife and three children.