Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men. (Col. 3:23)

Reeling from the pain still present, Claire poured out her heart to God. Months before, a major wedge had grown between Claire and her best friend Lisa. Claire tried to meet with Lisa several times to reconcile, but within a short time, most communication had been cut off. Wounded at the loss, Claire tried to keep her heart’s flame burning for her friend. But over time, it dimmed to only a small ember. Now, many months later, hope came as Lisa began talking about how to rebuild their friendship. Claire, though hopeful at the prospect, held back the part of her heart still tender from the previous season of brokenness. Forgiveness had been offered early on, and yet she sensed the Lord was after more. A decision was needed—would she hold back or be willing to take steps upon an unclear path, risking her heart again?

A divided heart erodes our faith, particularly where God asks us to follow into the unknown with Him. In this case, God had been working to create the means by which a friendship could be renewed. However, with God’s provision comes His expectation of our contribution—giving our all to God’s leading.

Despite our broken and weak hearts, God’s grace can restore our capacity to thrive even amid difficult circumstances. To do so, He calls for our complete devotion to Him.

Ask the Lord about areas of your heart He wants to reunite.

Mark Francis enjoys time with family, coaching, cooking, and writing. He and his wife, Laura, and their four children live in Sandy, Utah.