You love righteousness and hate wickedness. (Ps. 45:7)


WITHIN THESE VERSES, we are given insight into the Messiah. Psalm 45 is considered a messianic psalm and is also referenced by the author of Hebrews (see 1:8–9) while speaking about the Messiah. The psalm references a royal wedding (which could refer to the marriage of Christ and the church) and also mentions that the subject of the psalm has been set above his companions (which could refer both to an earthly king and to Christ as King of Kings)..

In addition to the messianic aspect, we also witness in this psalm a deep understanding of the inner works of God. God loves righteousness and despises wickedness. Justice is important and will determine much for those in power. If we truly desire to worship and share in the blessings of God, we must listen to and obey Christ. We must fully understand that following Him is not a compartmentalized pursuit, for God is not interested in just our spiritual lives; He’s interested in the whole of our lives. However, we must seriously wrestle with the question, “Are we interested in all of Him?”

In the famous words of Charles Wesley: “No condemnation now I dread. / Jesus, and all in Him, is mine; / Alive in Him, my living Head, / And clothed in righteousness divine, / Bold I approach the eternal throne, / And claim the crown, through Christ, my own.” May you seek His righteousness today and give Him your whole heart!

—Jeremy Summers

Ask God to bless you with a hunger and thirst for righteousness, and to fill you accordingly.

Jeremy Summers is director of adult spiritual formation for the Church and Multiplication Division of The Wesleyan Church.