Most of us would love nothing more than for life to move in a straight line on the map — no speed bumps, sharp turns or second-guessing. But Katie Betts could tell you that our journeys don’t always traverse the path so straightforwardly.

A talented musician, Betts planned to major in piano performance at a university about an hour away from home. Everything was set – application sent in and accepted by the university. She’d even posted her intentions on Facebook — and we all know that once it’s Facebook official, there’s no going back.

But a friend Betts met through Kingswood’s choir had more to say. She expressed excitement at Betts’ acceptance but boldly stated that if she were called to ministry, she should certainly attend Kingswood. Betts knew that in order to obey and pursue her call to ministry,  which she’d received earlier that year, she needed to make the switch.

Four years later, Betts is near the finish line at Kingswood University with a Bachelor of Arts in ministry and a focus in leading worship. During her time at Kingswood, Betts has thrived in an environment that she describes as consistent encouragement given in tandem with helpful and constructive criticism.

While she stepped foot onto Kingswood’s campus with some measure of self-confidence, this positive environment has built even more confidence for Betts. It’s evident in her countenance – she lives in certainty of her identity in Christ and in what God has called her to do.

With the heart of a developer and a passion for discipleship, Betts longs for teams that lead together — whether worship, children’s ministry or others — to invest time in a small group context together, increasing their capacity to do kingdom work by strengthening spiritual bonds. Betts would love to develop existing teams and teach congregants how to train others on their giftings in combination with spiritual mentoring.

As her gaze shifts to the season ahead, Betts hopes to exercise these passions anywhere in the North American Church.

“For students reading this and trying to decide where to go, I’ve never been a part of a community or institution that’s so focused on training people for ministry — not just ministry now, but preparing us for what ministry will be like in 20 or 30 years,” Betts shares.

“If you’re called into ministry, Kingswood is the place to be.”