I will praise you, O Lord, with all my heart; before the “gods” I will sing your praise. (Ps. 138:1)

JUST TWELVE DAYS BEFORE her execution was scheduled, Miriam Ibraheem gave birth to a daughter. Miriam certainly knows what it means to be steadfast in praising God before others who do not believe in Him. While pregnant she was imprisoned with her toddler son for professing Christ in a hostile environment in the Sudan. “I was sure God would stand by my side. I faced a tremendous amount of pressure. I had my trust in God; my faith was the only weapon that I had.” After much prayer and support from believers around the world for her release, Miriam miraculously walked away from prison with her children. She soon reunited with her husband and moved to the United States.

David chose to honor God in contrast to the customs of the tribes and nations that surrounded Israel. He was sure God would stand by his side in battle and in day-to-day life. He was determined to be a vocal ambassador for the Lord who had delivered him from his enemies time and again.

In this day of many “gods” that may seem more in tune with our culture, it is more important than ever to make our praise of the one true God known to those around us. It’s a high calling to be an ambassador of His love and faithfulness.

Take time today to praise God some place it is least expected.

Steve Wamberg is a husband, dad, writer, and pastor who loves preaching, teaching, music, coffee, and Nebraska football.