God looks down from heaven on the sons of men to see if there are any who understand, any who seek God. (Ps. 53:2)

We were halfway through a wonderful road trip traveling across our state. On one particular day we camped at a place with a few horses and no other people. We petted the horses as a family the night before, but in the morning my kids went to see them by themselves. For the first time in days, my husband and I had a few seconds alone together. I fell into his warm embrace and then savored the sweet bliss of being alone. However, our time was cut short as we spotted little feet scampering from one bush to another. We were being spied on! What we thought we were doing in private was being seen by two pairs of light-blue eyes.

The same is true with God. He’s watching to see if we’ll seek Him in our marriages. He understands that no relationship is immune to tough times. Financial strains, illness, or even arguments over silly things that seem important at the time take their toll. Do we respond however we desire, or do we pray for God’s wisdom to permeate this sacred relationship? Do we fight back fairly and honor our partner even when we don’t want to? Or do we think that just because our words are said behind closed doors that they aren’t heard outside those walls?

Remember your words are heard, even when no one else is around.

Stacy Voss loves to run, play with her two young kids, and hike in the mountains with her husband outside their home in Colorado.