Daily Reading: Psalm 24:7–10

Who is this King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle. (Ps. 24:8)

Bow Down to the King

I’ve never met a king, but I do remember as a little girl standing on tiptoe in a crowd of people waiting for the limo with Queen Elizabeth to pass. We were in America and, therefore, not her “subjects,” so no one bowed before her. Still, her presence commanded our homage as everyone waved and cheered.

What youngster has not been enraptured by tales of the knights of the round table who vowed to give their lives for their king? Their bravery, chivalry, and loyalty jumped from storybook pages into the hearts of young boys and girls who longed to be just like them.

Role models can be a good thing when and if we choose the right ones. And what better model to aspire to be like than the Lord? He is the King of glory. No one can compare to His majesty and righteousness. His strength is far greater than the combined strength of every king who has ever lived. His mighty power defeats all His foes.

In the battles we face daily, we need to look to the Lord. He is not just our knight in shining armor that will never tarnish. He is our Redeemer King. Nothing and no one can intimidate or defeat Him. He is invincible and worthy of our praise and worship throughout all ages and forevermore.

Let the Lord fight your battles today.

Marlene Bagnull is a wife, mother, and grammy to three youngsters who live two blocks away.