We cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard. (Acts 4:20)

I REMEMBER WHEN my mom became a grandma. She put a photo album in her purse. She eagerly shared the pictures with anyone remotely interested. The first laugh. The first bath. The first steps. Aly had captured my mom’s attention. She couldn’t stop talking about this little one. My mom’s voice and actions betrayed her excitement and wonder.

Peter and John spoke boldly about Jesus and healed in His name. After their arrest in Acts 4:3, the chief priests noted that they were “unschooled, ordinary men.” They also recognized them as having been with Jesus. The disciples were strictly warned to keep silent about Jesus. For Peter and John, this wasn’t an option. Jesus had changed them. They refused to hold back. After their release, they returned to preaching the good news.

God changes lives and transforms minds. When we receive new life in Jesus, truth spills from our lips. We speak with boldness and joy because we have experienced God’s power. We are captured by His love and it overflows to people around us. We can’t help but share. God healed us. God delivered us. God provided our needs. No story is alike. We are uniquely individual in the way God has changed us. Just speak up. Don’t hold it in. Tell someone what you have seen and heard. Then watch as God does His work. You’ll be amazed.

Identify one person with whom you can share your story today.

Kathleen Dunlap lives in Colorado with her husband and Great Dane mix. For fourteen years, she worked in missions in Germany. She enjoys reading and running.