The Lord Jesus Christ . . . will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious body. (Phil. 3:20–21)

AT THE AGE OF TWENTY-TWO, Benjamin Franklin composed his own mock epitaph: “The Body of B. Franklin Printer; Like the Cover of an old Book, Its Contents torn out, And stript of its Lettering and Gilding, Lies here, Food for the Worms. Yet the Work shall not be lost: For it will, as he believ’d, appear once more, In a new and more beautiful Edition, Corrected and Amended by the Author.” Although Franklin didn’t profess a belief in Christ, his writing suggests he was influenced by Philippians 3:21.

Paul encouraged the Philippians to stand firm in the face of persecution and keep an eternal perspective. He wrote similar words to the Corinthians (2 Cor. 4:17). He wanted his readers to remember that this life is not all there is. They resided on earth, but their citizenship was in heaven. One day the Lord would come to take them to their eternal home in bodies fashioned after His own glorious body.

All who have received Christ as their Savior have His promise of eternal life in a body that will no longer be wracked by pain. We will never again experience sickness or death. Temptation to sin will be a thing of the past. Every day will be a perfect day in the presence of our Lord. He is coming, and we will be changed. Rejoice in this truth!

Ask the Author of your faith what needs to be corrected or amended in your life today.

Nancy Reinke lives in the Colorado Rockies with her artist husband. She enjoys writing, photography, hiking, gardening, grandmothering, and encouraging others.