Now if you obey me fully and keep my covenant, then . . . you will be my treasured possession. (Ex. 19:5)

I SAW THE SECURITY GUARD walk down the beach. I had gotten used to seeing them around the Aruba resort. Aruba was known for missing blondes. Fortunately, my big-brimmed red hat hid my blonde hair and my watching eyes. The security guard looked out of place dressed in a short-sleeved tan shirt, black pressed pants, and rubber-soled black shoes. Some people there wore barely enough clothing to cover the bobble-head doll on their dashboard. The guard stopped and pulled down his sunglasses. He picked up a clear plastic cup and moved on to pick up another. He wasn’t out to have fun or catch someone doing something wrong. He was cleaning up after those who had left trash on the beach.

Moses met up with his God, who continually cared for His people—even when God seemed absent. But in this extended meeting with Moses, He spoke clearly and plainly: Be different than those around you. Be holy, keep the promise you made, and get the reward.

Just like the security guard, the young nation of Israel might look different, but doing the right thing would bring them great rewards. Likewise, for us today, being God’s servants who depend on His grace to keep life clean day after day produces a reward.

Does your daily routine offer reasons for others to see you as set apart for a higher reason? Are you devoted to trusting God’s Spirit to give you the means for keeping things clean?

Identify what you will change today to keep clean.

Mollie Bond works in radio as an assistant producer. Watching snowflakes slows her down. Otherwise she is at church or with her cat, Charlie.