Daily Reading: Psalm 16:5–11

I have set the Lord always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken. (Ps. 16:8)

Recently my husband and I took a trip through the Northeast. It was a good thing that we added the GPS at the last minute. Although the scenery was magnificent, the food excellent, and the people kind and friendly, the roads gave us quite a challenge. Winding, narrow, and unlight they did little to bolster our confidence. Thank goodness we had the GPS to show us the way. With the tip of a finger, we could type the desired address into the task bar, and voilà, we were guided in the right direction.

We live in uncertain times. Sometimes it feels as if the days darken by the minute. But we don’t need a GPS to navigate this unfamiliar territory. We have God and He is bigger than any GPS. He “drives” the car. With Him at our side, we have nothing to fear. Just as He sent the cloud by day and the fire by night to the Israelites in the wilderness, so will He send His Word and Holy Spirit to guide us through the wilderness in our lives.

If you are in a tough situation, don’t be discouraged. Call out to the Lord, put your trust in Him, and He will shine His light to show the way.

Ask the Lord to direct and navigate your way as you travel through tough times.

Marty Norman is an avid reader, loves to hike, and is passionate about mission work.