God presented [Christ] as a sacrifice of atonement, through faith in his blood. (Rom. 3:25)

I WATCHED AS THE YOUNG MOTHER and small children waited excitedly and nervously at the airport. The passengers began exiting the plane and then the little girl yelled, “Daddy!” A young man dressed in military uniform was quickly caught up in the hugs and tears of reunion with his family. He had come home. Everything would be OK now. It was enough to put a lump in my throat. It is exciting and heartwarming when those who have been separated by time and distance come home and are reunited with people they love.

Reunions are wonderful, but reconciliations are even more so. Separation caused by alienation is painful and difficult to resolve. Someone has to take the first step. Someone has to be willing to accept the cost of removing the barriers and give permission for the other person to come home.

God did that for us in Jesus. Through the atonement, He provided a covering for our sin. He opened the door to His house, and He opened His arms to welcome us home. Like a father watching at the window for his wayward son to come home, He waits for us to receive by faith what He has made possible. We have to believe He will accept us. We have to believe He loves us. We have to yield to His embrace.

When we come home to the Father, and to those with whom we have been estranged, things begin to be made right again. Love is made stronger. Life is faced together with renewed courage. It is good to come home.

Extend God’s reconciliation with you to those who may be alienated from you.

Ken Heer has been a pastor and church leader for fifty-one years and lives in Florida with his wife Nancy. They have three children and nine grandchildren.