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I said, “I will confess my transgressions to the Lord.” (Ps. 32:5)

Expanded Passage: Psalm 32:1–7

The weight of my own thoughts settled over me with such heaviness that I could scarcely breathe. I wanted to be free, but I felt paralyzed—pinned under my own sin. One day I locked myself in our home office and sat down with my prayer journal. I forced prayers onto paper, and as the words and confessions emerged from my mind, I began to feel a freedom I hadn’t known for far too long.

Confession isn’t merely “good for the soul.” Confessing our sins before the Lord and seeking his forgiveness are absolutely necessary for walking blamelessly before him. As I confessed the unkind thoughts in my heart and asked God to help me change my thoughts and behavior, I began to know a peace and joy I hadn’t felt in ages.

Whether we have courted relationships that have pulled us away from God, placed an unholy devotion on material possessions, or fallen into any other kind of sin, the recipe for restoration is found in confession before the Lord.

As Psalm 32 tells us, God will forgive our sins and not count them against us, but we must acknowledge those sins and not cover them up. As this new week dawns today, confess what hides in your heart and begin anew in Christ! You can know the freedom of being forgiven today!

Confess your sins, receive his forgiveness, and walk in freedom!

Bekah Shaffer lives in Bluffton, Indiana, and enjoys studying and teaching the Word, drinking coffee, and adventuring with her husband, Ryan, and puppy, Lexi Grae.

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