“Seventy-five dollars in the black. Thank God,” said Katie. She had sat at the kitchen table for more than an hour, paying bills and balancing the checkbook. Two years without work for Katie and her husband Ken had exhausted their resources and almost their faith. But they continued to hang on, learning to trust God for daily needs as well as for emergencies that popped up along the way. Finally, Ken’s former employer was considering him for a new position, and Katie had several promising leads as well. Ken joined his wife at the table and echoed her thanks to God. Then he added, “It was easy to depend on Him a few years ago when we had good jobs and money in the bank. But now we know we can depend on Him in the hard times as well.”

Have you learned the secret that the apostle Paul learned—the secret behind constant contentment? Your relationship with Christ can deepen and grow when you’re thrown into difficult circumstances and you’ve got nothing to hang on to but Him. How do you react in the “lean” times? Do you first attempt to shift and reorganize your work, your finances, and your priorities; or do you first look to Christ as your source for all things? His strength will never fail you, regardless of the situation.

Depend on Jesus to help you conquer your greatest fear.

Paul Zinter has served as a pastor and editor. He enjoys writing, bread making, and teaching at his local church.