Therefore let everyone who is godly pray to you while you may be found; surely when the mighty waters rise, they will not reach him. (Ps. 32:6)

“I DON’T THINK we should do this,” I told my four fellow hikers. The river rolled and pounded, and the sound made it difficult to carry on a conversation. The only way to get home was to walk through the river. As I rolled up my pants as high as they could go, my dad explained that we could cross if we linked arms. If someone slipped, they wouldn’t go far. We did as he suggested with my dad in the center. Then we crossed the river. My pants got wet at mid-thigh, but my friends were there to keep me going. Otherwise the river would have overtaken me. Over the course of the day, the river rises by feet in some areas. If we had waited, it would have been more difficult to cross. “Thanks for your help, Dad. I’m glad we did that together,” I said.

David confessed his sins to the Lord. He did it immediately, before they became overwhelming. Being devoted for David meant confessing his sins right away. It’s when we stand on the side of the bank, afraid to proceed alone, that our heavenly Father takes us and yells over the sound of the water, “We’ll do it together, and if you slip, I’ll catch you.”

Confess now, while you have opportunity. The waters might rise unexpectedly, but your Father can catch you if you fall.

Write something that hampers you from confessing. What is your river?

Mollie Bond works in radio as an assistant producer. Watching snowflakes slows her down. Otherwise she is at church or with her cat, Charlie.