District Superintendent Rev. Isaac Smith of the Northwest District sent in this report from the Greatest Commandments Church of Rapid City, S.D. (co-pastored by Barbara and Daniel Gammeter). The tiny church only averaged seven in attendance in 2016, but it has a unique ministry and five adults placed their faith in Jesus in six months.

After attending an inspiring evening with Kris “Tanto” Paronto, survivor and hero of Benghazi, God blessed us with an opportunity to connect with a homeless community that congregates on the corner in front of a jewelry store in Rapid City.

The homeless community goes by the name “Camp Justice.” They sleep at the end of 5th Street behind the old Rapid City High School. Darrel Two Bulls is their leader who procures money and food for their survival.

He approached us begging by yelling out to Daniel because of his German Derby: “Hey, New York City! Can you help us out? We are hungry.” Barb said: “We live here in Rapid City. If you are hungry, we will buy you food, but we cannot give you money and you know why!” Darrel said: “I take care of all of these people, and they are hungry too.” He was pointing to a group of about 12 people, two in wheelchairs, huddled together. Barb said:” We will feed them too; come on!”

So, we went to Ciao’s first to get spaghetti and the like, but they had closed. We went down the street to Que Pasa restaurant, and they were about to close. But we go there often to eat, and they know us. When we went in with Darrel and ordered him food they realized what we were doing. We ordered several orders of beans, rice, and tortillas to go. The owner then came out with steam tray pans filled with beans, rice, tortillas, chips, salsa, salad, and cheese–everything they had left in the kitchen.

We took a feast to Camp Justice, and after they had their fill, they started feeding other homeless people who passed by. Darrell Two Bulls was so moved by this event that he wanted to come to our church. Barb was preaching at He Sapa [Black Hills] New Life Church for Larry and Dale Salway the next day and invited Darrell and the whole crew to come. He said they probably wouldn’t make it, but he would try. And, he came.

We connected Darrel Two Bulls with that congregation. This became a reconciliation between Darrel and the members of He Sapa Church. Darrell had sold drugs to some of the members’ kids and grandkids and they knew him. He had not been out of jail for too many months. He was at the place of beginning again, or giving up. He was raised with missionaries but admitted freely that he had gone the wrong way. Now, he reaffirmed his faith in Christ. That was the sermon. It was lived out in the flesh. The possibility of New Life.

Pray for He Sapa New Life Church and Greatest Commandments Church to continue reaching the lost for Jesus Christ.