Daily Reading: James 1:2–12

Because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. (James 1:3)

“I’m done with this,” Marcus exclaimed. Another two hours had passed and still God was silent. For months, Marcus obeyed God’s call in the night to come sit with Him. The waiting began and ended like every other time before—silence. Tonight, Marcus had reached the end of himself. Hurt over God’s apparent lack of concern, he angrily blurted his judgment heavenward. Anguish gripped him like a vise. Faintly, a familiar sound pierced his quiet darkness. He heard the word tenderly spoken: “Marcus.” Sobered and with tear-stained eyes, he held his breath to hear more. “Son, the silence you perceived all these months hid My actions. Each time you came to Me, I strengthened your ability to persevere and I planted fresh seeds of grace and wisdom deep into your heart. I prepared you for where I will lead in the coming years.”

By its very nature, faith helps us see life from God’s perspective, particularly in regard to God’s character within our experiences. Rooted in hope and strengthened by adversity, we discover that confidence in God grows stronger in the presence of challenge, not in its absence. Where Marcus thought he failed, God was adding strength.

Tested faith becomes like refined gold before all of heaven and captures God’s attention. Smiling, God opens His hand to fulfill His promises we have held with firm determination.

Press on faithfully today with another step God gives you.

Mark Francis enjoys time with family, forging deep friendships, cooking, exercising, and writing.