When this is done, I will go to the king, even though it is against the law. And if I perish, I perish. (Est. 4:16)

NO ONE LIKES to feel threatened, especially when the threat holds death over our heads like a cloud of shame. Many of God’s children have been threatened with death. God sometimes allows circumstances to get very dire before a rescue comes. We face serious illness, accidents, and dangerous confrontations that test our faith and cause us to wonder how we will get out alive.

So what are we to do when pressed to the place of despair and finality? We do what we have been taught to do—the thing that has worked for those who have faced the same plight across the centuries. We search our hearts to follow the principles of faith in action. We place our trust in someone who has earned it.

Esther fasted and had others fast with her. Even though there was no promise it would save her, she knew if she was faithful to an ordained process and sought God’s path for her, the end result would be His holy will. When we are tested, we too must turn to the basic precepts God has established for our faith. Whether it be fasting, praying, giving, or waiting, we faithfully do what we know to do.

If our faith is small, our vision tends to be narrow. Trusting God to choose the resolution is proof that we can rest in His loving care.

Practice one principle of faith each day this week.

Jan Cline is the mother of three and grandmother of seven. She loves golfing, camping, singing, and speaking to Christian women’s groups.