Invite Jesse to the sacrifice, and I will show you what to do. You are to anoint for me the one I indicate. (1 Sam. 16:3)

TWO BY TWO has always been God’s way. There is something wonderful about coming alongside a brother or sister in Christ. The assignments God gives us are not always to be done solo. Without someone else to temper us, our tendency to misinterpret, overestimate, or run ahead might diminish the effect of God’s plan. When we take advantage of the connection with others in the Spirit, we find more strength to do what must be done. Our perspective is broadened when we have a second pair of eyes to catch the vision for the bigger picture of our calling.

Our sacrifice sometimes needs a witness—not just for self-validation or vanity, but for security in the process of service. The job God calls you to is important, and having a witness to His divine works will bring about optimum exposure. And joining in the experience is a bond that the world cannot match. The celebration of God’s presence is best enjoyed when shared with others who have the same Spirit living within them. The witness is confirmation of God having chosen you for this task.

There is no need to struggle with seeing the big picture or worry about your assignment. God offers us the unity of the Spirit in each other. He loves to see His children come together—two by two, or more.

Ask God to reveal who might join you in your call to minister.

Jan Cline is the author of three devotional books. She is a speaker and founder and director of a Christian writers’ conference in the Northwest.