And that you may love the Lord your God, listen to his voice, and hold fast to him. For the Lord is your life. (Deut. 30:20)

ROSIE, OUR TOY POODLE, has a microchip. It is supposed to identify her and help return her to my wife and me if she gets lost or runs away. Fat chance of her getting lost or running away! She sticks to me like glue. Right now, as I write this devotion, she is curled up at my feet. When I walk downstairs for breakfast, she walks at my heels. When I sit in my recliner, she sits beside me. In brief, she dogs (no pun intended) my steps.

Why such devotion? My wife likes to explain it this way: “Rosie loves Jim.”

I’m flattered, and the affection is mutual. Rosie means much to me, and I think she knows it. Call it dog sense, if you will.

Not only does Rosie stay close to me, but she has also learned to obey commands: “Sit!” “Shake!” “Down!” “Stay!” “Come!” “Wait!” “Quiet!”

But I have also learned from Rosie. For example, I have learned that loving the Lord, staying close to Him, and obeying Him are key factors in my walk with Him. I won’t wander from Him if I love Him and stay close to Him. Nor will I get into mischief if I obey Him. I can choose to devote myself to my Master all the days of my life.

Listen for the Master’s voice today and follow where He leads.

Jim Dyet is a retired editor, a part-time pastor, and an avid golfer. He and his wife, Gloria, have been married fifty-five years.