Daily Reading: Hebrews 7:11–17, 25; 8:1–7

If perfection could have been attained through the Levitical priesthood . . . why was there still need for another priest to come? (Heb. 7:11)

After a nice time out to dinner with my wife, we returned to our car to find one of the tires flat. It was the first time I’d put on a donut tire and it felt strange. A donut tire is a spare tire that is much smaller than a real tire. It has no tread to speak of, and it isn’t reinforced to protect against punctures. The car doesn’t brake or handle as well, either. The donut is intended to last just seventy miles. Its only purpose is to get you to a garage to repair the flat tire.

The priestly system of the Old Testament was well organized and the temple impressive, but it was pretty much the donut tire of our relationship with God. The old sacrifices didn’t cleanse people to enable the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. God set up the old system as a temporary solution to the sin of His people.

How effective Jesus is as our High Priest! Our sins are forgiven and atoned for. We’re able to be reconciled to an amazing God. The Father is pleased because this High Priest makes it possible for Him to not only be among us, but in us. He transforms us and greatly improves our handling. The old priestly system enabled the religious to function, but the new one is definitely the way the journey was designed to be.

Opt for a substitute today (like coffee) and appreciate the real thing more fully tomorrow.

Dave Knickerbocker and his family live in Ohio. He has been pastor of three churches, two as church plants.