Shortly after his election on Monday, June 5, new General Superintendent Dr. Wayne Schmidt made as part of his acceptance speech the introduction of a new leadership position in The Wesleyan Church.

“Ambassador of The Wesleyan Church” is a position specifically created by action of the General Board to retain the considerable connections and influence of outgoing General Superintendent Dr. Jo Anne Lyon (pictured with Dr. Wayne Schmidt). Over her entire lifetime, Dr. Lyon has developed a unique and significant set of connections to many national and international religious, political, and humanitarian agencies and leaders. It is much to be desired that she continue to be available at selected multi-faith venues, international gatherings, and other events to which she may be invited or commissioned, using her voice to extend the ministry and influence of The Wesleyan Church.

The details of the assignment will be determined in consultation with the newly-elected General Superintendent and the Executive Board of the General Board following the 2016 General Conference. She will serve in harmony with a mutually agreed-upon schedule and report to the General Board.

The Ambassador of The Wesleyan Church will be an employee of the church and will be accorded salary, benefits, support staff, and related costs of the position for up to one quadrennium. However, her budget will not require USF support, as 12Stone Church and other partnering churches have offered to bear these expenses. She will not maintain an office at Wesleyan World Headquarters and will not have an administrative or policy role.