On August 1, 2018, Dr. Stephen Elliott will begin his appointment as the National Superintendent of The Wesleyan Church of Canada. Elliott replaces Dr. H. C. Wilson who is retiring at the conclusion of his two-year term as Canadian National Superintendent. Wilson is a General Superintendent Emeritus for The Wesleyan Church.

Elliott was selected by the National Board from among 10 nominees who had been identified by both District Boards of Administration and the National Board. The National Superintendent position is part time and Elliott’s service will become official subject to the affirming vote of the 2018 district conferences this summer.

The 2016 North American General Conference of The Wesleyan Church elevated The Wesleyan Church of Canada (TWCC) status to an Established National Conference. Dr. Jo Anne Lyon appointed Dr. Wilson as the first Canadian National Superintendent. TWCC is under the guidance of the National Superintendent and an additional eight people who form the National Board. Four people come from each Canadian district, including both district superintendents.

Elliott has been serving as program director and professor of pastoral ministry and church planting at Kingswood University for the past 11 years. In addition to his service as National Superintendent, he will continue to serve as a part-time professor at Kingswood this coming school year.  Prior to teaching at Kingswood, Elliott served in pastoral ministry for 24 years, in Canada and the United States. He and his wife, Helen, have three children and three grandchildren.

Read TWCC announcement on Elliott appointment.

Pictured: Stephen Elliott, left, and H. C. Wilson, right.