Ebola update from Sierra Leone

With the total number of Ebola cases now exceeding 21,000 in West Africa, the World Health Organization (WHO) reports Sierra Leone remains the worst-affected country with 184 new confirmed cases reported in one week in mid-January.

Support from The Wesleyan Church and other partners has brought progress in the battle against the ravages of the ongoing epidemic.


We have participated in the discharge of over 90 survivors and patients who tested negative for Ebola from treatment centers and holding centers since December 20. We have also participated in transporting survivor packages including mattress, rice, various food items, clothes and other personal items all over Bombali District. Every day our vehicles are transporting both survivors and supplies.

We have also participated in bringing children and orphans into the Orphaned Infant Care Center where they can be cared for while their parent is in treatment or in cases where both parents have died.


Thanks to your generous donations for shipping and to International Health Partners of the UK, Huggies, and Dettol, we have received a 40-foot container of donated soap, disinfectants, and baby wipes. These medical supplies are being delivered to hospitals in Freetown and Bombali District. We are working with International Health Partners to ship three more 40-foot containers of medical supplies, which are en route to Sierra Leone now from the United Kingdom. We are also working with medical suppliers in the U.S. to ship an additional five containers of supplies to Sierra Leone. Thank you for helping us make these in-kind contributions possible.

Join us in a call for prayer with The Wesleyan Church this Sunday. Please pray for:

Continued attention and priority of the world governments to eradicate this deadly virus;

Wisdom and safety for World Hope International staff and church leaders as they find opportunities and funding to serve those in need;

Protection of healthcare workers that are currently treating patients with Ebola

Thank you for supporting us to stop the spread of Ebola in Sierra Leone and Liberia. We are working hard but we can’t do it without you. Your gifts to the Wesleyan Emergency Relief Fund continue to fight this dangerous outbreak in vulnerable communities.

Find the most recent outbreak news from World Hope Organization here.

Container of supplies arrives in Sierra Leone