The additional responsibilities and stress put on pastors and ministry leaders during this COVID-19 crisis can take a personal toll. This season is also a major opportunity for significant ministry, but we all know how important it is for those in care-giving professions to “put on their oxygen mask first” before helping others.

These wellbeing resources can help all of us persevere through these challenging times. 

We will continue to monitor and add more helpful resources in the coming days.

Video and Live Stream Resources

Dr. Matt Bloom, primary researcher for the Flourishing in Ministry project at Notre Dame University, presents his research on self-integrity/authenticity as one of the pillars of clergy wellbeing. Self-integrity has to do with the sense of identity and ministry fit of a pastor. 

Dr. David Wang, Associate Professor of Psychology and Pastoral Counseling at Biola University presents helpful and informative information about the nature of trauma during the Covid-19 pandemic that can help pastors in their ministry.

In such times as these, we have to help our own mental health….

Pastor Aaron Pennington interviews Mental Health Counselor, Abby Randall about helping people to with panic, fear and anxiety during this challenging time of change.

David Clark, PhD is Professor Emeritus in Psychology at The University of New Brunswick. Nancy Nason-Clark, PhD, is Professor Emerita in Sociology at The University of New Brunswick. Peter Moore, District Superintendent of The Atlantic District, interviews them about issues for pastors to be aware about as they lead their congregations during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’ve gathered resources in one spot to help your ministry during this time of COVID-19 in the U.S. Our partners at Brotherhood Mutual Insurance have gathered a number of excellent resources that cover a wide-range of local church and pastoral needs during the Covid-19 crisis (and beyond).  From preventing the spread of the disease to finding creative ways to continue to minister to your congregation to getting ready to gather again, stop by frequently for new information and article posts.

Leading as a Non-Anxious Presence During an Anxious Time – A guide from Dr. Chris Adams and E&CD

From the National Association of Evangelicals, here are three timely resources for clergy:  Trauma Healing (helping parishioners), Financial Stability (financial health training courses for pastor and church) and Pastor Resiliency (resources from well-known pastoral leaders for clergy experiencing burnout and other stresses). 

Coronavirus Response & Resources (Source: National Association of Evangelicals)

A plethora of resource links from a variety of denominations posted by the National Association of Evangelicals
When Terrible Things Happen (Source: National Child Traumatic Stress Network, Psychological First Aid: Field Operations Guide, 2nd Ed.)
Covid-19 has disrupted so much. . . including how your congregation experiences your preaching. Effectively preaching to the camera versus “from the stage” is a challenge.  These 10 best practices from Dave Ward, one of our own master preachers, is a mini-master class to help you get better on the screen.” 

In our current COVID19 context, with “physical distancing” encouraged and public gatherings prohibited, it is important for pastors and Local Church Boards to consider how they will deal with funeral protocols during this pandemic.

A Step-by-Step Manual for Preparing Your Church for COVID-19, published by Jamie Aten & Kent Annan of The Humanitarian Disaster Institute