How many are your works, O Lord! In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures. (Ps. 104:24)

I SAW A FLASH OF CRIMSON. Startled, I held my breath and froze, like a statue. A large pileated woodpecker, about eighteen inches in size, had swooped in to a landing on a tree trunk just a few paces away.

I’d seen woodpeckers before—the normal, backyard bird size. But this huge bird stunned me. Its head was plumed with a pointy, vivid red crest; its face and neck painted with white stripes; its body shining midnight black. Then, in an instant, he was gone, off to another forest roost.

Ever had a moment in nature like that? A surprising encounter with beauty that leaves you in quiet wonder? From the dignified praying mantis to the operatic blue whale to the gravity-defying mountain goat, our world is populated with unique, God-crafted creatures. Some, like the silly duck-billed platypus, make us laugh in whimsical delight. Others, like the soaring blue heron, inspire us by their majestic nobility. Colorful tropical fish put our greatest artists to shame with their vibrant, God-painted scales.

Earth’s amazing creatures reflect God’s delight in beauty, His endless creativity, and His all-encompassing joy. God cares for these creatures, just as He nurtures and sustains us.

Will you pause to appreciate the artistry of our Creator? Take a moment to look at His creatures—from insects to birds to pets to laughing children—and thank God for His goodness.

Notice and appreciate the artistry of God’s creation.

Kelli B. Trujillo is the author of the Flourishing Faith series (Wesleyan Publishing House), devotional studies to fit into the busy lives of women. She also loves hiking and sky-gazing