For you have been my hope, O Sovereign Lord, my confidence since my youth. (Ps. 71:5)

HOPE IS ONE COMMODITY that everyone needs a little bit more of, it seems. We hear enough negative news in a single day to last a lifetime. Most of what we are bombarded with has no ray of hope whatsoever. Think about it. There are many days when I would like to place my hope in government, but it doesn’t take long for me to grow disillusioned with our country’s leaders. I want to hope in the economy at times, but find myself realizing moth and rust will take it all away. I have put blind hope and trust in a person’s words only to be disappointed when I found those words were not backed with integrity.

The only hope we have that will ultimately not disillusion, disappoint, or discourage is the hope we have in Jesus. And this hope is available to everyone. It cannot be earned, bought, acquired, or connived. No one is rich or poor enough to merit the hope of Jesus all on their own.

And as the psalmist pointed out, the hope of our Sovereign Lord stays with us throughout our entire journey, through all our “dangers, toils, and snares.” This is the hope that provides the confidence we need to navigate through every situation, holding on to the fact that God truly knows what He is doing all of our days.

  • Confess sincerely in personal prayer today, “My hope is in You alone, Lord!”

Jim Dunn is the executive director of Church Multiplication and Discipleship for The Wesleyan Church. He resides with his family in the Indianapolis area.