And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. (Matt. 10:30)

What are you afraid of? What do you fear the most? Don’t just read that question and move on. Face it. Contemplate it. Wrestle with it. Answer it.

What are you afraid of? What threatens to swallow you whole? To steal your joy? To sever your relationships? To siphon your hope? Why are you afraid to start? Or quit? Or continue? Fear is a tyrant whose native language is lies. It thrives on reminding us who we are not. Probably because it cannot survive when we remember who we are.

A strange thing happens when we start embracing our true identity. When we surrender our lives to the unrivaled reign of God, we are governed by His peace. This peace rules in our hearts and sets everything else under its command. And its first act as ruler is to exile fear and dethrone anxiety. Peace expels the lies that fear tells us and replaces them with the deepest truth about us. It reminds us that we belong to the Father and we are the beloved of God. It assures us that our security has shifted to a more solid foundation. It tells us that God knows every hair on our heads and every hope in our hearts. He looks to our future and does not flinch. He is not afraid.

Choose to overthrow fear through the power of His peace.

Matt LeRoy is coauthor of The Way Forwardand Awakening Grace(WPH).