For the Lord comforts his people. (Isa. 49:13)

THE STILT HOUSE Van Yu Dani and her husband, Sam Bath, lived in stood over the Mekong River. For years those who lived in the same neighborhood would throw their garbage and trash into the river. The hope was that the flowing waters would move what was being thrown into the river away from the bamboo structures, out into the open waters. However, due to the large volume of garbage being thrown in, the river became “dead.” The accumulated muck became so thick that the river stopped flowing. Thousands of flies hovered over this area. Visitors to this area were met with a strong, foul stench.

While playing one day, Van Yu Dani’s young son slipped and fell into the “dead waters,” quickly sinking below the floating garbage. Men dove in to try to rescue him, but to no avail. Hours later his small body floated to the surface.

Van Yu Dani entered into deep sorrow. The pain she felt was so great that she contemplated suicide. During those dark days of deep grief a Christian friend came and shared with Van Yu Dani the story of Jesus Christ and how He seeks to comfort sorrowing hearts. With time Van Yu Dani was able to testify, “The sadness of losing my child is still there, but I have also found comfort in the One who suffered on my behalf.”

When grief comes your way, turn to the Comforter.

Jim Lo is the author of Connect with God: The Purpose of Prayer (WPH) and the dean of chapel at Indiana Wesleyan University.