We are fools for Christ, but you are so wise in Christ! We are weak, but you are strong! You are honored, we are dishonored! (1 Cor. 4:10)

SAUL OF TARSUS was extreme in what he believed. He persecuted Christians with unwavering focus, thinking that his cause was right. But then came his sensational turnaround to Christ. From that point on, he lived and breathed to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, so much so that he described himself as a slave to Him.

Many came to believe in Christ through Paul’s teaching and preaching. He shattered spiritual strongholds and established many churches. But others hated him and did everything they could to silence his words that insulted their flesh and attacked their religious beliefs. People could never be neutral regarding Paul. They either loved him or hated him.

What are we to make of the apostle Paul? I think his life and teaching brings us to a crossroads: Do we go on with Christ totally and risk persecution, or do we seek our own comfort? Paul chose to live for Christ, and the Lord shaped Paul’s ministry. Look at the results. Paul spoke often of the eternal rewards that awaited him.

One has to admire Paul. He accepted the status of a slave for Christ and endured unbelievable persecution. Yet he counted it all joy to run in God’s revelation for his life.

We serve the same God Paul did, so we too can grow toward new levels of maturity as we allow the Holy Spirit mold us, shape us, and make us more like Christ.

Let God move you through this life.

Roy Proctor has been a Christian since 1976 and has been writing devotionals since 2003. His purpose is to share encouraging words for the times in which we live.