I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. (Gen. 12:2)

RESISTANCE IN ELECTRICAL systems is the loss of charge as power is conducted through the various lines and components of a system. The term line loss describes the degradation of charge that occurs through electric power transmission over long distances. This is a known phenomenon, and we do not receive all the power generated or even sent due to this loss or waste along the way.

When God first called Abraham, the benefits of following God were both short- and long-term. Abraham himself would be blessed and made into a great nation. God’s plan of redemption for humankind also ran through Abraham’s seed. The promised Messiah would come from Abraham’s line at some future date. Abraham was not to be just a recipient of God’s blessings. He was to be a conduit through which God’s redemption would pass to all humankind.

While we will not hold the same lineage of the Messiah as Abraham, we too have the opportunity to pass God’s blessings along to others. Living as God called us in His indwelling Spirit, we can share the love, joy, and peace of God with all who we encounter. There is no need to hoard God’s gifts. His bounty is more than enough for everyone.

Be the blessing to others that God is giving to your life today.

Terry Magee lives with his wife in central Pennsylvania, where he teaches in his church. He enjoys both reading and outdoor activities.