Therefore the prudent man keeps quiet in such times, for the times are evil. (Amos 5:13)

ALL OF THE NEWS REPORTS were bad. It was the first week of the harvest season—a time of thanksgiving to enjoy the benefits of hard labor before year’s end. But every news story coming over the wire was increasingly worse than the preceding one. Heinous, unthinkable crimes had been committed, resulting in the loss of innocent lives. Although the victims’ attempts to ward off the criminals failed, these precious souls cried out to express, in their last hour, what would be the consequences of the immorality and unrighteousness to which they would in the end succumb. After listening to the detailed accounts of each casualty, it was hard to imagine that the world had become such an evil place—a world created by God for our good.

Amos tried to forewarn the Israelites of the danger of living an unholy life. The people were engaged in all types of evil and sinful behavior but had failed to return to God. Like the children of Israel, we should be encouraged to seek the goodness of God.

We live in a world where evil abounds openly with little regard for the sanctity of truth and goodness. When injustice prevails, our unapologetic conviction to love and honor Christ is the pathway to victory. God wants justice for all of His people. With God, we can win life’s toughest battles.

Make God your daily acceptable practice.

Billie Joy Langston writes Christian literature and serves as a Christian hospitality specialist. She is a member of Reid Temple AME Church, Glenn Dale, Maryland.