Habitat for Missions generates financial support for missionaries by mobilizing volunteer workers to flip properties across North America. It was founded by Rev. Bill and Daphne Foster, former Wesleyan missionaries to Australia [Ed.]

There are times when I want to take just a moment to admire the finished product, but can’t really spare the time because work has already begun on the next project. Thus is life these days as I manage the ministry of Habitat for Missions (HFM).

This past month, projects in Central, S.C., and Indianapolis, Ind., came to a successful conclusion just as flips in Spring Hill, Fla., and Lebanon, Tenn., were launched. Under the outstanding leadership of Jeff Galloway, volunteers from Southern Wesleyan University and United Wesleyan Church developed a South Carolina bungalow into a country residence fit for a king [pictured]! The $25,000 in profit is ear-marked for Wesleyan Global Partners missionaries Ben and Heather [last name withheld for security reasons].

In August, HFM launched a new project in partnership with Fellowship Community Church [Wesleyan] in Spring Hill, Fla. This highly motivated group is working to generate funds for a home-grown missionary candidate.

Iglesias Mishkan Lugar de Adoracion is a Tennessee congregation that is not only motivated, but very talented when it comes to flipping houses. Some of their members own construction companies, thus they have taken on the largest HFM project to date, a 5 bed, 3 1/2 bath house. Their goal is to have it completed and sold before the end of the year! Many from the congregation have migrated to the US from Venezuela, so the profits will be utilized to support the new Wesleyan work in that South American country.

If the anticipated amounts are realized, they will bring the total generated by HFM in 2016 to $165,000! And, yes, another round of projects are on the drawing board for 2017. In fact, pray with us about meetings we are having with a Chicago church that could launch HFM in that area.

Habitat for Missions recently committed $500,000 in support for Global Partners missionaries. See that story here.