Several weeks ago a few Haitian Wesleyan youth pastors wanted to help with the relief efforts in the South after Hurricane Matthew struck in October.

They had an idea to get the Haitian Wesleyan youth involved with fundraising, donations, and distribution of those items. They wanted to provide school supplies and much needed items to the youth in the South. They asked if we could help provide hygiene kits and they would handle the rest. We agreed and donated several hundred kits to them. We had no idea the impact of what they would do but we would soon find out.

During the last week of November, the Haitian Wesleyan National Youth Committee, led by Pastor Ti Dieuseul D. Ferdinand, with many volunteers, packed up several hundred kits and backpacks to provide relief and support to students affected by Hurricane Matthew.

On November 26, they set out to for the two small southern towns of Torbeck and Debouchet with everything they had prepared. The kits consisted of the hygiene kits we provided as well as school supplies, clothes, backpacks, and much more they had donated or purchased themselves! Over 200 students were reached. Not only was the Haitian National Wesleyan Youth Committee able to provide items that were lost in the Hurricane but they were also able to pray, encourage, and worship with those they provided for. This isn’t the last time they will help those in the South. They have already mentioned returning south with more kits. Please join with us and with the people of Haiti as we continue the prayers, recovery, relief, and encouragement for those who lost so much from Hurricane Matthew.

Reported by Dustin Stephens, Global Partners missionary in Haiti.