All my longings lie open before you, Lord; my sighing is not hidden from you. (Ps. 38:9)

IT’S PAINFUL TO WATCH your child suffer. Most parents long to jump in and save their children from the hard things in life. We want to protect them from experiencing the discomfort or pain of growing up. I recall a few times in my childhood when I wondered if my parents were watching my struggle and why they didn’t come to my rescue. Then when I became a parent, I discovered how difficult it was to stand by and let my child go through consequences or circumstances that would build character.

Children are usually persistent when it comes to letting parents know when they want to be noticed. Adults are similarly obvious when it comes to wondering if God notices them. In our time of need, we forget that He has been watching us since before we were born and that nothing escapes His all-seeing eyes. He is like all parents who desire to protect and save. He will do what is best, even if it means holding back His arm of defense.

Even in the midst of trial and tribulations, we need not fear. By standing firm, we are better equipped for whatever life throws at us. God sees; He knows; He cares. It’s always been that way. Our hope lies in knowing it will be that way forever.

During this busy day, find a moment to look up and thank God for watching.

Jan Cline is the mother of three and grandmother of seven. She loves golfing, camping, singing, and speaking to Christian women’s groups.