Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. (Jer. 29:12)

A CHILD TUGS on the skirt of his mother, wanting his request to be heard. But she doesn’t always have the time or energy to listen. There is something special about parents who will truly hear and answer the earnest questions of their children. As adults we recall the times when our mother or father set aside all other distractions to listen to us. What a feeling of security to know that our voice was heard by the one we depended on.

God is never distracted. Out of His great love for His children, He waits patiently to hear our requests, joys, sorrows, and questions. He is compelled by His very nature to gather His children to Him. We have been given freedom to approach the very heart of our Creator and Father. This privilege was granted out of love and for love’s sake.

When you can fathom the origin of His expression of love, you can rest in knowing He delights in His plan for you. His perfect design for your life was fashioned as only a loving parent could do. No matter what roadblocks we encounter, no matter how difficult the journey, He will see it through with us and hear our cries of uncertainty and fear. There is nothing that can drown out our voices to His listening ears.

Come to Him as a child with all your questions.

Jan Cline is an author and speaker from the Northwest. She is also director of the Inland NW Christian Writers conference.