For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. (John 3:17)

WHO DOESN’T WANT to be rescued from peril? We are born with the survival instinct, and when we are frightened, we look for a way out. No one wants to stay in a life-threatening situation, no matter what the reward. Even the promise of heaven may not be enough to turn off our desire to stay on this earth, that is, when we are not thinking in eternal terms.

Our eternal state is the one thing that can replace our tight hold on earthly attachments. Even when we struggle to understand the concept of forever, we long to know we will be with the Father in heaven when we die. There is only one way to secure our confidence when it comes to eternity. We are heirs to the plan that is our hope.

God has provided a way not only to escape the perils of the flesh. He sent His Son to make a bridge from earth to heaven. In all our doubts about Him, in all our fears of retribution from Him, the fact remains: He sent Jesus to save us, not condemn us. This is the ultimate act of love for His children, the proof of His plan to be reunited with us.

We need not fear He will withdraw His sacrifice. It was the plan all along.

Take time today to consider the blessings of heaven.

Jan Cline is an author and speaker from the Northwest. She is also director of the Inland NW Christian Writers conference.